The culmination of two cultures coming together, Australian chef Jack and his Estonian partner Hedi are the team behind Tingles Bakehouse.

The couple met in 2012. After travelling around Australia and Estonia they decided to settle in Jack’s home town Nornalup to start their own business. The idea came naturally from Jack’s love of all things food related and Hedi’s background experience in design and her passion for coffee.

Their dream was to create a place where they would love to work and where people would love to visit. Both of them believe in wholesome and honest food and quality in everything they do. In addition to tasty food, the venue itself had to be inviting, relaxing and cosy.

The beautiful and rugged wilderness of the south coast was the ideal location for the nature loving couple. With great help from Jack’s parents Jane and Johnny who run the bead gallery from the same premises, Tingles Bakehouse was opened in December 2015.

Tingles Bakehouse is a seasonal business. It is open for six months and closed for the colder and wetter half of the year. This gives time to experiment with recipes, create new products, pickle and preserve, garden (… and travel to Estonia!). This way Hedi and Jack are hoping to keep their ideas fresh and always start the season with excitement.

… Who knows where this will lead in the future!

PS! Hedi is also the artist behind the drawings and products of Lumi Studio displayed at the bakehouse. You can find out more at