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Tingles-Bakehouse-Sale – 31 zoom


Tingles-Bakehouse-Sale – 21
Tingles-Bakehouse-Sale – 23
Tingles-Bakehouse-Sale – 22
H-Lelumees – 32
Tingles-Bakehouse-Sale – 31
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Festive Lincoln Hot Display LH9


Commercial hot display

Festive Lincoln LH9 hot display with 3 shelves + base tray, led lights. Curved glass front. Made in New Zealand. 

  • Size 900W x 640D x 1230H (mm). 
  • FrameFree canopy that maximises fully the visibility of displayed food
  • Four shelf levels
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate at a temperature between 30 – 95°C
  • Fan forced air flow for even heat distribution
  • Rapid response element for better temperature control
  • SlimLED under-shelf LED strip lighting with 12V safety

More info https://festive.co.nz/product/lincoln-heated/

Price tags to suit the shelves sold separately.

Buy the remaining three displays (ambient, cold and hot) as a set for $8000. You can compare this offer to new equipment prices at https://www.petraequipment.com.au/?q=festive%20lincoln